The Easiest to Use Offshore Database in the Gulf of Mexico

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OWL Navigator

Search and drive OWL database by theme


Ten themes are now available, including the traditional Area & Block – Block, Lease, Field, Pipeline, Platform, Prospect, ROW, RUE, Unit and Well

Multi-monitor Capability

Display data screens, graphs, reports, and maps across multiple monitors for comparison and analysis

Production Data

Production view on data screens for many of the themes, including platform and well.  Create production graphs and reports for any period of time.


Report console with easy to use filters to quickly create and customize any data grid for export, printable reports, and map displays.

Data Exports

More file formats and flexibility in data exporting from data screens, reports, and maps.


Annotation and measurement tools. Additional content, including bathymetric contours, coastal counties, parishes and cities.


Bottomhole Pressure and Bathymetry