The Easiest to Use Offshore Database in the Gulf of Mexico

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OWL Navigator 

OWL Navigator

Search and drive the entire OWL 7 database by theme.  Users can now focus OWL on their specific areas of interest.

Multi-monitor Capability

Display several data screens, reports, and maps across multiple monitors for comparison and analysis.

Data Screens

Linked data grids with option to add and arrange data columns and a new undocking feature that allows displaying across multiple monitors.


New report topics and expanded features allow users to easily create and customize any data set for export, printable reports, and map displays.

Data Exports

Data can be easily selected and exported from virtually anywhere within OWL 7 to various file formats, including major Windows and many seismic / geologic interpretation applications.

Advance Mapping

Easily create and customize any map using new theme settings with color scheme filters.

Map Tools

Quickly measure distance and area while annotating any map with text, lines, polygons, points, circles, quarter/quarter illustrations, and areas of interest.

Bathymetric Contours

Add and customize water depth contours to any map.


Generate production figures for any theme and period of time.  Create production reports and graphs for a single well completion or entire field.


OWL 7 provides more access to data from BOEM/BSEE, NOAA, and Lexco’s proprietary resources.