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LexView is designed as a tool for viewing, reconfiguring, annotating, printing and saving TIF files. Images can be saved in .TIF, .CGM, .PNG or .FAX file formats. LexView has been designed for log images, but any TIF file can be viewed and manipulated.

When an Image Window opens it will fill the View Space, as multiple images are opened they will automatically resize to equally use the view space.


Image Viewing Options

Images can be downloaded from OWL or opened from a file. Loaded images can be easily scrolled to any position. Pan and Rotate tools can be used to move images within the viewing window or images can be zoomed in to review detail. Scaling buttons and the Scale Window allow the images to be expanded or reduced as well. Several log images can be viewed and scrolled individually or simultaneously. Multiple log images can be viewed in either portrait or landscape orientation. Guidelines can be drawn across multiple windows in order to provide correlation markers when viewing multiple images.

Exporting Files

Image files can be exported to Word, Excel, Publisher and Power Point quickly and simply using standard copy and paste functions.

Segmentation and Re-assembly of Images

Individual images can be segmented, then spliced into new log images. Multiple well composite images can be constructed. Log images can also be cropped to eliminate unneeded portions.


Images can be enhanced with several different full color annotations and a large symbol library. Specific well image markup tools will quickly place color filled polygons, text boxes, lines and shapes, lithologic symbols and various production and drilling symbols directly on the image. Symbols and graphic annotations can be copied and pasted to quickly duplicate annotations when desired. Applied annotations remain editable objects. Markups only become a permanent part of the TIF image when the annotations and log image are saved together. It is also possible to save markup files separately from the log image allowing multiple annotation sets for a particular log. It is also possible to paste images from the clipboard onto log images. A Measurement Tool for quickly measuring gross interval isopachs on log images is available. A Formation Tops Tool is available that places a line and appropriate text boxes on the image at a user chosen depth.


Printing is available for any plain or annotated image to most printers at full, one half, one quarter or any user selected scale. The Print Main Window option provides a screen print of the all the logs displayed in the current view.