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Cut & Color Log Images

LexView can be used to extract a section or sections from an individual log or splice sections from multiple logs into composite images.

Log Annotation

Textboxes, various lines, shapes and polygons, and a large symbol library are available to enhance log images using text and colors.  Annotations can be saved directly on an image or as markup sets that can be recalled and edited as needed.

Section Measurement

Using the measurement tool, gross intervals can be measured and the results posted on the log image.

Formation Tops

The Formation Top tool allows users to quickly post formation names, MD and TVD depths at sand tops.

Multiple Images

It is possible to open and view multiple log images. Images can be locked together to change the log scale or scroll through multiple images simultaneously.

Viewing Images

Log images can be rotated from vertical to horizontal for review, or stacked in a cascade when reviewing a large number of images.

Basic Cross Sections

Using LexView Guidelines as correlation aids, it is possible to build basic cross sections when viewing multiple images within the LexView frame. The Print Main Window option allows users to print the images as viewed on the screen including any added annotations and the guidelines.

Image Export

Entire images and/or selected sections of images can be copied to the Windows Clipboard and then easily pasted into other applications.

Saving Image Files

Images can be saved in a variety of file formats including .TIFF .PNG .CGM and .JPEG. For users with PDF conversion capability images can be saved as PDF files as well.

Log Printing

LexView print options include the ability to print at half and quarter scale automatically.