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Reviewing Multiple images

Multiple log images can be open in LexView simultaneously. The individual windows will re-size evenly within the View Space. The number of windows that can be opened is unlimited, however some program functions such as locked scroll lose efficiency when the number is very large and fine detail is lost as the images become smaller. Three image orientation options are available. Portrait Tile, the default,arranges windows in the View Space with the logs displayed vertically. Landscape Tile arranges multiple windows side by side in the View Space with the logs displayed horizontally. The Cascade option in the Windows Menu will arrange all open log image windows as an offset stack with the file name bar of each window visible.

The Scroll and Zoom Lock allows the user to link these functions for all open windows. The scale of the images can then be adjusted simultaneously, and images can be arranged to do on screen comparisons and correlations.




Guidelines are designed as an aid to on screen correlation. To activate a Guideline open the View Menu and select Add Guide. A solid blue line will appear stretched across the viewer. To move the line click on the red Selects Markup Arrow in the Tool Bar and click and drag the line to the required location. The Guide will remain anchored to the frame and images can be scrolled underneath it. Additional guidelines can be added by repeating the process as many times as needed. Guideline color and pattern can be changed the user can choose the color and line pattern desired.



Print Main Window

All of the currently open logs can be printed by selecting Print Main Window. The function makes a screen capture of the open log images in their current position showing all guidelines and/or annotations.