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Cropping and Splicing

A portion or portions of images can be selected from complete logs. Once the required area(s) are selected the Crop Tool reduces the image to the selected section or sections abstracting a piece of an image or creating a spliced image. 



Composite Well Log Images

Sections from multiple logs can be used to create composite images by selecting sections from different log images. Sections from the various selected log images are added to the composite window and saved as a new image. Once the composite image has been saved it can be further cropped and annotated.



Copy and Paste Exports

File exports to Power Point, Word, Excel and other applications of segments of an image section can easily be made.


Log Image Rotation

Two options exist for changing the orientation of images in LexView from vertical to horizontal. Users may rotate an individual image within its window or change the orientation of the log window itself in order to view multiple logs in a horizontal orientation.



Image scaling options

Multiple scaling options as well as exact percentage scaling of images on the screen are possible. Fit to Width re-scales the image so its width equals the width of the View Space.  Fit to Height changes the scale to show the entire length of the image in the View Space. The Scaling Window allows a user to choose the log scale from several preset percentages or an exact user defined scale.