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LexView's Print Window allows for quick, easy, and flexible printing. It can be accessed through the file menu, by pressing  Ctrl\P or by clicking on the printer icon on the toolbar.

Print Window

Print Area gives a user the choice of printing the entire image, only the area seen in the view space or a selected area. Print Stamp will post a data line including file name, date, time and user name on a log print.

Printing Logs to Scale

The default printing option has been designed to print logs to scale. "Fit to Width, Variable vertical scale (logs)" with 100% in the Vertical Scale Window will automatically adjust the image width to the width of the selected paper and maintain the log's vertical scale. The scale will be maintained even when printing in landscape format.

Variable Scaling

To vary the vertical scale use "Fit to Width, Variable vertical scale (logs)" and change the 100% in the Vertical Scale window, either by entering another percentage, a factor, or a ratio. An example of where this can be useful in an area with both 1" to 100' and 2" to 100' logs. Changing the vertical scale to 50% or 0.5 or 1:2 will print out a 2 inch log with it's vertical scale "shrunk" to the same vertical scale as a 1 inch log.

Three preset sizes have been included. The 1:1 (100%) option will print an image at full size. The 1:2 (50%) will print out a half scale image and the 1:4 (25%) option will print out a quarter scale image. The Custom scale choice coupled with a percentage, factor, or ratio will scale the entire image to the desired proportion of the original. The "Fit to Height and Width" option will size the entire image to the selected paper. "Fit to Width, Proportional vertical scale" will reduce or enlarge the image width to fit the selected paper and adjust the vertical scale by the same amount, distorting a log's vertical scale. Maintain Aspect lock the ratio of the horizontal and vertical dimensions of an image so they vary in tandem. 

Printing Landscape Rotated Images on Plotters

This is a good option for users that print with plotters. Rotate the image and send it to the plotter. The image will print parallel to the cut edge of the paper along the full paper width, using much less paper that if it printed parallel to the roll.