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OWL 7 Update

You can update your OWL data with the latest sale results!

IMPORTANT: This is a complete update that includes Sale 248. You must run the update from a machine that has OWL 7 already installed.  OWL 7 updates are cumulative.  If you skipped a prior update, then you can install this one.  You must use the OWL 7 Administrator to download and run the update.

Updating Online via OWL 7 Administrator

  • Open OWL 7 Administrator (must use the OWL7AdminLauncher.exe)
  • Go to Update tab
  • Click Check for update (latest update is Update 258)
  • Click Install Update (option only appears when OWL is not up to date)
    • Downloads update
    • Click OK when "OWL7Admin will close while the update is installed" message appears
    • Setup program automatically launches InstallShield Wizard
    • Let the Setup program run until the Finished message appears. 
  • Run OWL 7. The update has been successful if the date 8/24/2016 is seen at the bottom of the Entry Screen. You can also check the Leases and Bids for EB 590 or any block included in Sale 248.