The Easiest to Use Offshore Database in the Gulf of Mexico

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A much improved mapping system provides users with greater power and control in  generating GOM maps that are more informatory and colorful than in any previous version of OWL. The Map Console behaves as a main control center for viewing selected data, modifying settings, and displaying explanation of contents on the map. The console is comprised of three major components: Data, Setup, and Legend.  Map Tools are also available to create annotations and measure distance and area.


Data Selection

The Map Data feature permits quick access to information related to any selected entity on the map. Information pertaining to the selected item such as cultural and production data is displayed in a vertical grid on the Data tab in the Map Console. Additional data fields are available for view by using a Custom grid option. Other options allow users to copy to clipboard, export, and print the data grids.


Map Settings

The Map Setup provides users a convenient way to modify and apply map settings. Setup consists of five major components: Coverage, Content, Projection, Grid, and Page which permits users to customize any map. Coverage allows users to set the scale and geographic region of the map. The Content is where users can add, remove, and modify settings of any Data and Cultural items. Annotations and Areas of Interests are also included. Projection provides options to disable the OWL Projection Expert and change map projections. The Grid option allows users to add grid lines on a map. Page controls the map title, printer selection, and page layout for printing the map.



The Map Legend displays a complete explanation of all cultural and data content on the map.


Map Tools

An expanded array of Map Tools are now available to users for measuring distance and area as well as annotating any map with text boxes, lines, polygons, quarter/quarter illustrations, and areas of interest. Text boxes can also be added separately or attached to any annotation on the map.