The Easiest to Use Offshore Database in the Gulf of Mexico

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Users will find the OWL Export feature much improved with greater flexibility to export data from virtually anywhere within the OWL 7 program. Gulf of Mexico data can be exported with ease from Data Screens, Tables, Reports, and Maps to different file formats, including Windows applications. Additional file formats are available in the Map for import into seismic / geologic interpretation applications. Lexco allows all licensed users full rights of use without written permission to exported data.

The OWL Export interface is designed to export data from three major components within OWL 7: 1) GOM Data Export, 2) Data Grids, and 3) Maps


GOM Data Export

The GOM Data Export permits complete and effortless exporting of all critical data tables in the OWL 7 database to various file formats, including shapefiles.



Data Grid Export

All or only selected records can be exported from any Data Grid found in Data Screens, Reports, and Maps. A simple right mouse click within the grid will reveal the Export option. Users also have the option to open and display the exported data within the referenced Windows applications, if installed.



Map Data Export

The OWL Export from Maps has been designed to readily export data from the current map view or a user defined area of interest. Users have the ability to create files in ASCII and shapefile formats for import into various seismic/geologic interpretation applications. The enhanced interface allows users to easily change the attributes of cultural metafiles and data files. This includes options to modify the file format, coordinate unit, name, image and text content, color, and text height before exporting the data. Clipping to blocks and active only export options are also available.