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Update 4/2017

Survey the Pressure at the Bottom!

BH Pressure Surveys  - The BH Pressure Surveys data screen lists all of the bottomhole pressure surveys conducted for individual well completions. The grid provides survey test results for bottomhole pressures at given measured depths including shut-in pressure and bottomhole temperature. The BH Pressure Survey data screen is available in the secondary grid when either Wells or Completions is selected in the primary grid. Export options are also available using the right click function within the grid. Lexco sends out over 100 update CD’s each month. We are interested in the CD’s condition and when you received this Update. Please use the Help section’s “Email Lexco” to tell us the date that you received this update.

4/2017 Update contains:

  • Lease, Well, Platform, and Production BOEM data as of late April 2017
  • Lease and Well Production through 2/2017
  • Sale 247 - initial Phase II lease approvals
  • Recent Well Logs

OWL 7 Update Instructions

Updating Online via OWL 7 Administrator

  • Open OWL 7 Administrator (must use the OWL7AdminLauncher.exe)
  • Go to Update tab
  • Click Check for update (latest update is Update 270)
  • Click Install Update (option only appears when OWL is not up to date)
    • Downloads update
    • Click OK when "OWL7Admin will close while the update is installed" message appears
    • Setup program automatically launches InstallShield Wizard

Let the Setup program run until the Finished message appears. You will know that the update has been successful if the date 4/30/2017 is seen at the bottom of the Entry Screen.

If you prefer updating via this method and no longer wish to receive an Update CD each month, then please let us know. Send us an email or give us a call at 281-370-4313.

OWL 7 Update Instructions

Updating with CD

An easy-to-use Setup program has been included on the CD to help you update. Network version of OWL 7 can be updated from any machine that has OWL 7 installed on it.