The Easiest to Use Offshore Database in the Gulf of Mexico

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Access OWL 7 through Lexco's Citrix® Server

Now you can access our Offshore Wells and Leases database (OWL) via the Internet. Using your web browser, you can link to Lexco's Citrix® Server, and run the application without first having to load it on your own Local Area Network or workstation.

System Requirements

Runs under 32 and 64 bit Windows operating systems (Windows 7, Vista, XP). Customers with other platforms and/or other operating systems will need to contact Lexco Customer Support. You will need to download and install a plug-in that is suitable for your browser. Use for web access with Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox.


Downloading and Installing the Citrix Receiver Plugin (Web Client)

First you need to install the Citrix Receiver plug-in for your browser before you can run OWL Anywhere. Download the plug-in by clicking on the link below:



At the current time, most printers are supported. Please contact Lexco Customer Support if you encounter problems printing with OWL Anywhere.

Obtaining a userid and password

You will need to contact Lexco Customer Support or call us at (281) 370-4313 to obtain a userid and password, before you can use OWL Anywhere. Please note that each user will need their own unique userid.

Running OWL from the server

Use the following link to start OWL Anywhere on the server: OWL Anywhere. For easier access, this link can be saved as a Favorite or Bookmark in your browser.

Note: If you are on a network with a firewall, you will need to contact your Network Administrator, and ask them to open standard HTTPS port # 443.